Northwest Elementary Physical Education: Ms. Priest's Playground
                          Pitt County Schools Uniform Policy

Pitt County Schools adopted a uniform policy a couple of years ago. Students are expected to follow the guidelines set by the Pitt county Board of Education at all times. Please remind your child about the policy because they will be held accountable. I have listed several of the key elements of the uniform policy below. For a full copy of the policy please visit the PCS website at: 

Shirts: must be tucked in at all times.

Bottoms:  May not be made of jean material.

Belts: Must be solid black or brown. No designs allowed.

Jackets: May not be worn in the building unless they are unhooded, solid black,

navy, gold, or white.

Dress code specifications for PE:

  • Wear tennis shoes/sneakers
  • If ladies choose to wear skirts/dresses, they need to wear shorts underneath
  • If student's pants are loose fitting in the waist, please have them wear a belt
  • Students should avoid wearing pants that are constricting in any way, shape, or

  • Students should also avoid wearing shirts that barely cover the midriff and/or show

    the midriff when the arms are raised

**I appreciate all of your support!** :-)