Northwest Elementary Physical Education: Ms. Priest's Playground

                                                  Physical Education Activities

K-2 skills/concepts that we've been focusing on: space awareness, personal space, general space, galloping, skipping, jumping, hopping, sliding, jogging, under, over, around, through, juggling/manipulating objects, balancing, body positions, cooperation, teamwork, germ-free, dodging and fleeing

October/November skill spotlight: underhand tossing, overhand throwing, rolling objects at stationary targets
December skills: balance/counterbalance, partner stunts, shooting at stationary targets (basketball lead up), passing, dribbling 

Vocabulary (K-2)
Roll, pin, physical activity, health, Ms. Priest, over, under, virus, germ-free, personal space, general space, cooperation, juggling, balance, team, throw, lower arm bones, target, aim, stunt, dribble, shoot
K-2 Students working on fundamental locomotor patterns & space awareness
K-2 Students engaging in a cooperative parachute activity

3-5 skills/concepts that we've been focusing on: physical fitness, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition, throwing & catching, dodging & fleeing

October & November skill spotlight: Overhand throwing and catching, Bowling
December Skills: Shooting, dribbling, passing, tactical game approach to basketball

Vocabulary (3-5)
Physical Education, physical activity, physical fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, mingle, healthy, flexibility, overhand throw, target, accuracy, heart rate monitors, radius, ulna, bowling, lifetime sports, basketball, dribbling, passes (chest, bounce, and overhead)

Students below are running laps on the walking trail as a warm up for PE.

Please see the Healthful Living North Carolina Standard Course of Study Curriculum below.

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