Northwest Elementary Physical Education: Ms. Priest's Playground

Classroom Rules/Behavior Policy


Classroom Rules

1. Be prepared for class (wear proper footwear and bring a positive attitude).
Listen while the teacher is speaking.
3. Always give your best effort.
4. Respect all classmates, teachers, and property.
5. Follow safety tips to keep yourself and others from getting hurt.
6. The gym is a gum, candy, food, and drink free environment.

1. Verbal Warning
2. Star is not earned for the day
3. Student is sent to "reflection space" or time-out by the stage
4. Student is sent to Choices (15 minute time-out outside of the classroom); parent is notified via teacher contact
5. Student is sent to Choices again; student must call parent
6. Student is sent to Choices again; teacher will call parent and set up a conference
**After 3 Choices within a 30 day period, the student will receive a discipline referral and will be assigned to ISS (in school suspension)**

STAR System

The STAR system is directly related to my classroom rules. STAR is an acronym that stands for safety, talking, attitude, and respect. Each time students come to physical education, they are working to earn a star for the day. They earn a star by following safety tips, not talking during instruction [or talking only when asked to collaborate], demonstrating a positive attitude, as well as demonstrating respect for themselves, the equipment, and others. At the end of each nine week grading period, students that earn 90% or more of their stars are able to attend the star party. The star party is a grade-level celebration with games, music, and fun! 


Every time classes come to PE, they have an opportunity to earn a paw. In order for classes to earn a paw, each student must earn a star for the day. I took this picture of my Pawrific Behavior chart at the very beginning of the school year. Since that time,  it has been filled with many paws! :-)

NWE Physical Education Superstars Program Partners with ISP/ECU Athletics

Every time classes come to PE, one stand-out student is selected as the "super-star". This student exhibits: excellent behavior throughout the lesson and 100% effort during activity. Additionally the super-star student goes above and beyond to enhance learning for himself/herself and others while demonstrating superb collaboration and cooperation skills. The names of all super stars are placed into a hat for a drawing two weeks prior to every home ECU football game; the name that is drawn wins 2 free tickets to an ECU football game! Cornelius Copeland, a third grader in Mr. Bridge's class won tickets to the ECU vs. Marshall game! Calissa Boney won tickets to the ECU vs. Navy game. More recently, Davon Titley, a fifth grader in Mr. Stinson's class won tickets to the ECU vs. SMU game.Congratulations to each of these students and a big thank you to ISP for supporting our program!